We review a proposition or idea, test the assumptions, and offer an opinion on viability, potential, and direction.

We structure a plan to achieve the goal, with clearly defined steps, and strategy for each stage of the process.

We connect the people that are best suited to delivering results for each task.

We guide and oversee launching the plan and driving to its conclusion.


You have a great idea for a new business? Now what?


You have a good business, but it’s not doing as well as it should. Now what?


You want to buy a business? Do you know everything you need to? How do you find out? How do you fund it? Who is the best lawyer for the deal? What expertise do you need?


You want to sell your business? Why isn’t it worth as much as you think it should be? Why aren’t the right buyers coming to you? What can you do to attract the right buyer?


We have a number of opportunities in a range of markets, with investment targets from stable and secure to horizon potential.

We primarily operate in environmental science, software, real estate, executive training, finance, manufacturing, agriculture, retail and distribution, construction, heavy equipment, advanced tech, and energy. We have deep-rooted relationships with professionals in other areas.

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